Public Consultation: Proposed Public Spaces Protection Order on Kennedy Way Underpass, Yate

The Council is proposing to make a Public Spaces Protection Order restricting access to the underpass crossing Kennedy Way, Yate from near Sundridge Park to South Parade at Yate Shopping Centre.
The underpass attracts anti-social behaviour, resulting in it being littered with broken glass and drug related litter.  This makes it unpleasant, and potentially dangerous for people to use.    
There are two controlled surface crossings in close proximity to the underpass for pedestrians and cyclists to cross Kennedy Way.
A pedestrian count has been carried out indicating that usage of the underpass is low, and the majority of people use the surface crossing rather than the underpass.
We would like to receive your feedback on the proposed Public Spaces Protection Order.

Please complete and submit this survey by Wednesday 4th December 2019
Q1How often do you use either of the following methods of crossing Kennedy Way?
 Never A few times a year A few times a month Once a week or more often 
 The underpass    
 The surface crossing    
Q2Would closing the underpass cause you any problems with crossing the road?
Q3Do you agree or disagree with the proposed Public Spaces Protection Order?

About You

This section is really important as it helps us to check that our results represent the views of the range of people who live in South Gloucestershire.  Any responses to these questions will remain confidential and individuals will not be identifiable.

Q6Are you?
Q7How old are you?
Q8Do you consider yourself to be disabled?
Q9Please tell us your ethnic origin

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