Consultation on Council Budget for 2022/23
Organisations' Survey

South Gloucestershire Council is responsible for a range of services in your local area, such as refuse collection, education, social care services and road maintenance. The income paid by business rates currently makes up around 9% of the Council's budget for these services, so we're keen to get your views on how we can make the best use of our budget and give your organisation value for money.

In considering our questions, please think about the range of services South Gloucestershire Council provides to the community as a whole, as well as the services your organisation uses. It does not matter if you do not know all the services South Gloucestershire Council provides to the community. We would like your general opinion.

Please return your completed survey by 9th January 2022.

Your experience of our services

Q1How satisfied are you with the Council services your organisation has used in the last year?
 Not used  Very satisfied Quite satisfied Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied Quite dissatisfied Very dissatisfied 
 Building Control      
 Business Support resources      
 Commercial waste      
 Contracts and tenders      
 Customer services      
 Emergency Planning Unit      
 Environmental health and protection, pest control      
 Free car parking      
 Health and Safety      
 Learning difficulties employment support      
 Licensing and street trading      
 Sustainable Transport      
 Trading standards      
 Workforce development      
 Maintenance of roads, footpaths and cycle paths      
 Street cleansing and lighting      
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